Thursday, 4 September 2008

A High Definition view of the Universe, (after John Lennon)

Imagine life’s evolution on earth, all of it, from the first microbe, bacteria, or whatever came first, that we might now recognize as life, to whatever we now feel is life’s apogee. Imagine that long road of evolution and as some would have it ‘route of selection’, where chance favoured those specimens of each genus that had the longer neck, the wider tail, the brighter plumage, the faster limb, the stronger jaw. Or, intelligently designed by whomsoever and perfected in the day-to-day testing of that design that then produced changes. Whatever you predilection, whatever you bias, whatever fits for you, whatever rings with your intuition.

Then having imagined from the first moment to the last, where either the sun grows cold and expands past earths orbit yet is still hot enough to evaporate the material the whole earth is made from, or where due to some inbuilt damage or exterior asteroid or meteor crash whose impact casts dust clouds throughout the remaining atmosphere and nuclear winter or nuclear summer and desert abounds - but where in either case the life on the planet just stops - imagine from that very first moment to the very last as a glowing incandescent display of the planets move toward trying to establish a self-reflective consciousness which blinks into existence and then blinks out of existence in a natural way.

Then reflect on the fact that the infinitely large universe holds an infinitely large sum of stars, galaxies, nebulas, birthing places of stars and also cemeteries of stars - and around a small number of those stars there are planets that hold life. And reflect on that small number as being in fact, millions, billions, trillions of planets with life coming into being and coming out of being. Imagine a neural net of flashes of the light of life being universe-wide having no mind to time, except to use time as a tool to manifest this neural universe-wide net of thoughts of a self reflective consciousness representing the infinitely large mind of what we might call god, being the very purpose of life itself - to signal the meaning of it all through the glowing interior, yet paradoxically exterior light of self-consciousness which says: “let there be light”.